Cartridge Cabin
Unit 57, BSS House,
Cheney Manor,

TEL: 01793 532251

FAX: 01793 532258


Printer cartridges are very expensive, we aim to save you money by supplying lower priced compatible cartridges whenever possible.  Not only are our compatibles a lot cheaper than original branded products, they often contain considerably more ink or toner.

There are many cheap cartridges of variable quality on the market.  Our compatibles have been carefully selected to provide the best in quality and reliability, they come from suppliers we know and trust and we use them in our own printers.

Occasionally cartridges may fail - this applies to originals as well as compatibles.  If you have a problem with one of our cartridges please let us know so that we can put things right for you, we would rather replace a cartridge or even refund your money than not hear from you again.

If you are dissatified with something you have bought from us please tell us - if you are happy with our service please tell your friends